Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Can we get some support for Hong Kong? #supportHK

I haven't posted in a hot minute and I'm sorry that my blog has been put on the back burner. I'll explain what's happening in my life in another post. I wanted to make this post for a friend of mine who's very passionate about the protests that are going on in Hong Kong. There's not much coverage of it here in America, so chances are I'll make a couple short posts about what's happening. For now, I wanted to share some videos with y'all that were sent to me by my friend. Some of the people injured/arrested include firemen, journalists, and 10 year olds.

Video 001
Video 002
Video 003
Video 004

Friday, May 10, 2019

Writing Update 001 | What To Look Forward To

I've been very slack about posting on my blog and giving the people who actually read my blog the updates and content they deserve. I've put a lot on my plate since the start of the year with new book ideas to taking on a collab with a friend of mine to starting to stream on DLive, so I wanted to update everyone with the information I have so I don't leave y'all hanging.

First off, I've started streaming on a platform called DLive! If anyone watches Pewdiepie on Youtube, you'll already know that DLive is a streaming service that he started using. I was given inspiration to start streaming myself. I'll be doing a variety of things like gaming, chatting, writing, discussing conspiracy theories, or even just hanging around and listening to music. You can find me on DLive by searching Rooiepatooie or by following the link here: https://dlive.tv/Rooiepatooie I'm trying to be consistent and stream around 10-12pm EST as often as I can, so stop by if you have the chance!

Book Reviews
I've got a handful of books that I want to finish reading and when I do I'll be posting blurbs and my thoughts on the books here! A couple of the books include The Merciless Saga (that I just finished) and The Discovery of Witches Trilogy! Keep an eye out for when I post!

I promise you that I am working on Sayler, in fact I'll be streaming me writing it at some point. It's been 2 years in the making so far and I wish I could have completed sooner, but the further I get into the story, the more I want to change or add to the story. I won't be streaming much of it because I don't want to spoil it for those who seek to buy it. I'm just over halfway through the story (about 64% done) and  I hope to at least get the rough draft done by the end of this year.

Future Books
So, I've got a few ideas for stories I want to write and publish after I finish Sayler, some of them more developed plot wise than others. I write down everything that comes to me. I'm, also, working on a collab with a friend of mine that I'm doing as a "side-project". 

  • Small World - This is the collab between my friend and I. I was given a bunch of information and I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with it yet. Until I do, I will be working on Sayler and my other ideas.
  • Mechanical Hearts - This story is set in a futuristic world in Halosis (my quite literal universe for my stories) and involves an apocalyptic scenario that includes robots and a corrupt government and a young girl.
  • Ophelia's Dawn / Asunder - I haven't quite figured out the title for this one yet because I love both of them, but if you want to post which one you like best in the comments below, feel free! In Ophelia's Dawn / Asunder, a family on Earth is plagued with a curse given to them by a not-so-kind ancestor. It stems from a deal with a demon gone awry and our main character is hell-bent on relieving the curse, no matter what it takes.
  • Cryonym - Cryonym is the story of the Gods and Goddesses mentioned in both Eternal Summer and Sayler. It involves how this planet came into existence, how the pantheon was created, and what relation they have with the other planets in the solar system/galaxy. This may or may not be the next story I'm writing.
  • Patchwork Soul - This is a non-fiction work I'm doing and it will likely take quite some to finish as I gather all of the information I need to write it. I wanted to make a book about my family's history and "publish" it, not for profit, but rather for safe-keeping. A lot of the information I'll be getting on my family, will be from my grandparents, so this will be one sentimental piece of work that I'll have when I get older.
  • Other Ideas - I have a couple ideas that haven't fermented in my mind long enough to be considered actual ideas, but I'm posting them anyways. I have always been a sucker for lost civilizations such as Atlantis or Lemuria or even Pompeii. I've, also, been a fan of religious entities like angels and gods (see Cryonym, for example). I want to find a way to incorporate these two things into a story - or multiple stories - for all of my readers out there.
If y'all have any ideas or suggestions that y'all want me to do or try, let me know in the comments below! 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Conspiracy Theories - What do you think?

Hey, guys! I've thought about doing this for a while and Shane Dawson has gotten me inspired. I want to make conspiracy theory posts on my blog. Stuff like 9/11, The Illuminati, Aliens, The Titanic, and if JonBenet Ramsey is actually Katy Perry. If y'all support this idea, let me know in the comments below. If you would like me to cover a conspiracy theory, mention them in the comments below as well! What's your "favorite" conspiracy?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Book Updates 001

With the new year started, one of my resolutions was to write more. And more specifically, to finish writing Sayler.  I will have the book out by either the end of this year or the beginning of next year, depending on how long it takes me to edit it once I finish the rough draft. If I don't fulfill this promise, y'all get to choose what "challenge" I get to do. (Within reason. I'm not about to get hit by a car while dancing in the middle of the road.) I'm so close to finishing Sayler's story and we (yes, me, too!) have been waiting so long to hear (or read) what happens.

Recently, I spoke with someone who gave me an idea. My other "big" New Year's resolution is to lose weight. My weight is something I've struggled with for half of my life. He suggested that I write a self-help book for people who may have the same struggles I've had with weight loss. So, throughout the year, I'll track what I eat and do and how I'm feeling and my thoughts through the process of me trying to lose weight. And I thought that this was such a great idea that I'm deciding to act on it. Once I finish Sayler, I'll start working on the book and I'd love to share it with all of you because we're all human and sometimes relating to someone else helps.

With love,

Monday, November 26, 2018

Cyber Monday Sales - 30% Off!

If you don't know by now, you can get your Winterlands Merch at Teepublic. I'm selling everything from T-Shirts to Onesies and they're in every color imaginable.
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Top 5 Websites for Writers

Top 5 Websites For Writers

There are a lot of websites out there for writers to utilize. Here are my top five!

1. Google Docs & Drive

Granted, my number one is made up of two things, but they come together. Google Drive allows you to store a seemingly unlimited amount of documents that you can access anywhere at any given time by just logging into your e-mail. Google Docs comes with a lot of features that you would normally get with Microsoft Word. It allows you to upload your document to .docx, .odt, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .html (zipped), and .epub. My favorite part is that it saves automatically whether you've written five words or five thousand. They're both completely free when you get a Google E-Mail account.

2. Noisli

Noisli is a website geared towards background noise. You have the option of various nature sounds, white noise, and even a coffee shop. You can play one sound alone or combine it with others and are able to adjust the sound of each one just right. You're also able to save your combinations. The web version is free but you're able to buy the app on iTunes for $1.99.

3. Tablo

Tablo is very similar to Wattpad in the sense that you're able to upload, write, publish to their website, and interact with their community. The only thing that differs between the two is that you're able to publish through Tablo. Tablo currently publishes to over 40,000 retailers and you're able to choose the plan right for you. The cheapest is $99/year and publishes ebooks and paperbacks to 10 online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Kobo, and more. If you choose the most expensive pack (at $299/year), you get your book published to 40,000 retailers and 30,000 libraries.

4. Pacemaker

Pacemaker allows you to track the progress of your book in a graph. The idea behind it is to keep you on track. Just fill in the Title of your book, the date you want it done by, your word or chapter goal and it shows you how many words per day you need to write to be done by your goal.

5. Notebook.ai

Notebook.ai lets you fill out information about your characters, places, and items for free while making your world building experience a breeze. You're able to create Universes, Places, Items, and Characters for free, but if you decide to pay the $9/month for the premium subscription you get a total of 19 categories, unlimited universes, and 10gb of space for images. It's a simple to use website that I enjoy using for keeping track of my characters and planets.

I recently created two new Discords that y'all can join me in! Come hang out with me and give me feedback and suggestions on my blog!
One Lost Soul For Life: https://discord.gg/P4kVU9m
National Novel Writing Month (Georgia, US): https://discord.gg/7AhF6q8

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sayler Excerpt 002

“I love you, but you aggravate the piss out of me.” A female said off camera.
“Are you recording me? Turn it off!” The voice whined as the screen went black.
The screen showed a girl with white hair donning red and gold robes with a rolled up certificate in hand. A younger version of her. She was with her father and mother. All three of them looked happy and pleased. An excited voice comes from the person shooting the video.
“How does it feel to be a med school graduate?” She could all but hear her sister’s smile. A strange longing feeling filled her gut. Tears choked her.
“I’m just glad it’s over.”
“Sayler!” Her mother scolded while laughing. “Enjoy your life while you’re young.”
“I’m just happy that I’m finally able to put my knowledge to use. I spent too much time in that building when I could have been helping people.”

“Well, just know the best has yet to come.” Her mother gave a knowing look to her father. Sayler ignored it and hugged them both before the screen when black again.